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Scream 2 (1997)


Your Flattering Remarks Are Both Desperate and Obvious.  End Quote.

Scream 2 is the sequel to the vastly popular and successful 1996 modern classic Scream.  Scream 2 is the story of the girl who got away… from a serial killer.  Taking place a year after the events of Scream and at college, Sidney is trying to start her life anew like any other college student.  However, the night of the premiere of the movie Stab, based on Gale Weathers’s popular novel on the events of Scream, also sees the premiere of a new Ghostface.  Who could it be?  Sidney’s new boyfriend? Sidney’s roommate? Randy? Gale? Sidney’s roommate’s boyfriend? The dumb sorority sisters? Some other person?  Any combination of these options?  Yes.

Character Breakdown

Neve Campbell (Scream, Wild Things, The Craft) returns as the modern horror scream queen Sidney Prescott.  Double the body count means double the terror and anguish for her character and Campbell doesn’t disappoint.  She is able to handle herself among some very hard emotional circumstances that is for sure.  Sidney is as awesome as ever and her enrollment and involvement in a drama college just makes me love her more.

Courteney Cox (Scream, Friends) also returns as the hilariously career-obsessed Gale Weathers.  Gale is given more to do this time around.  Instead of simply looking for a story she actually has emotional investment in the killings and in Sidney.  Cox looks great and does a great job with her chase scenes.  While still the abrasive Gale Weathers, she shows a side in this movie that is quite likable.

Liev Schreiber (X-Men Origins, Salt, Defiance) turns a cameo into a full blown role as Cotton Weary, the man Sidney accused of murdering her mother.  Schreiber does well with the role even though he comes off more as an attention-seeking skeez than anything else.  Kind of annoying.  He redeems himself near the end but you still don’t really want to hang out with the guy.

Sara Michelle Gellar (Buffy TV Series, The Grudge, Cruel Intentions) has an admirable couple scenes as smart sorority sister Cici.  I have a crush on the Gellar so… I may be biased.  Her scene where she had movie geek coming out of her mouth made me swoon.  SMG’s chase scene was also one of the better chase scenes in the franchise.  Gotta love the Buff.

Jamie Kennedy returns as the affably geeky Randy in a sadly brief encounter.  Wish there was more to talk about but there’s not. Jerry O’Connell appears as Sidney’s new boyfriend.  Not much to say other than he fills a role.  Timothy Olyphant appears as Sidney’s roomate’s boyfriend and he’s solid as always.  Olyphant is always good in my book and here is no exception.  Omar Epps and Jada Pinkett Smith begin the movie with a bang.

Elise Neal portray’s Sidney’s roommate Hallie and even though her role is severely cut down due to the script being leaked but I liked her and wished she had more to do mostly because she could have broken the ‘black stereotype’ of horror movies. Laurie Metcalf (aka the voice of Andy’s mother from Toy Story) has a nice little role as a small-town version of Gale Weathers.  David Arquette returns… not much to say other than he does well with the limp and wish he would have stayed down.  Multiple stabs.  For reals? 

For… Reals?

Behind the Scenes

Wes Craven comes back to direct the sequel which is always a good thing.  The tone and directorial style is very similar which is great.  The chase scenes are basically flawless and the choreography also looks technically challenging.  The cool thing about Craven is that you can’t rule out ‘boo’ scares so you’re always on edge.  Many of the scenes start out slow and have a couple false starts but eventually get out of control… in a good way.  Kevin Williamson also returns to write and it works almost as well as last time.  There is a lot more tension in the chase scenes and in the dialogue but there is also a lot less comedy which was a small drawback.  The sequel could use a little more comic relief.  I believe this sequel could have as much tension but still could have a little more satire.

Why You Won’t Like It

If you don’t like more blood.  If you don’t like more gore.  If you don’t like more more suspense.  If you don’t like a bigger body count.  If you don’t like knives.  If you don’t like guns.  If you don’t like twists.  If you don’t like violence.  If you don’t like revenge.  If you don’t like cuss words.  If you don’t like movies within movies.  If you don’t like poles going through heads.  If you don’t like Buffy becoming dead… without Willow around!  If you don’t like horror.  If you don’t like sequels even if they’re good.  If you don’t like people commenting about movies within a movie.  If you didn’t like Scream to begin with.

Favorite Scene

There are actually a few scenes that deserve notice.  The rehearsal scene where Ghostface terrorizes Sidney set behind dramatic music and fast moving extras is fantastic.  I love it and since I’m reeeeally into theater it worked very well for me. Second, the scene where Sarah Michelle Gellar is being stalked is ab. so. frickin. lutely. superb.  I love SMG after watching all six seasons of Buffy on Netflix while I had mono and seeing her in Scream 2 was great.  The intensity and slow burn of her scene is great.  

Thirdly Cox’s chase scene in the sound booth was fantastically choreographed and amazingly tense.  Lastly, the scene where Sid and Hallie have to escape a cop car and have to crawl out… over Ghostfrickinface.  HOly Crap that scene is crazy tense.  Horn going off? Jumped.  Neve Campbell’s acting?  Spot on.  Great scene.

Bottom Line

Scream 2 is solid.  Again don’t watch the Scary Movies because they give away too much and that may have hampered my liking of the movie.  Another thing that could have affected my rating was that I always would come in for the ending on TV.  Not as comedically entertaining as the original but definitely far  more tense.  More blood, more deaths, and more screams, Scream 2 doesn’t disappoint and proves that sequels are not always subpar.  While I would have liked some more comedy amidst my terror, the tension in the chase scenes makes up for it.  There are not as many great characters in the first ones which is sad but Sidney and Gale are developed further.  I mean that’s all that matters right since they are the main survivors?


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